thunderbirds are go review type thing: crosscut

episode four of TBAG… wait that was it’s initials all along?, is called cross-cut or crosscut or cross cutt. something like that.

the plot is kinda similar to the B plot of the beast wars episode “Bad Spark”. they can both be summed up as “good guy characters goes to a place, something gets unsealed, there is a giant robot fight and one of the good guys and a morally ambiguous female are trapped in a way that they have to work together, they get out and go their septate ways… for now”. y’know the old classic story.

oh and it turns out the mole is in this episode, and made from modular pods (now with more yellow).  yay!

several things of note: scott wears a helmet (with his apparently insulated suit) to protect himself from radiation, just look at his gloves:

all da kool kids in da gang have finger cancer

all da kool kids in da gang have finger cancer


when the thunderbirds launch at the start of the episode they stand in lifts and then jumpsuits are next to them, a close shot of their eyes not moving around later and then they’re wearing the jumpsuits as if by magic. this has been a problem for all episodes with launch sequences so far but i haven’t got round to mentioning it yet. virgil has it worse as he’s strapped into his thing upside down. who is this guy? Adam West or Houdini?

alternatively: clothing beam!

there’s quickchange and then there’s quickchange while strapped to a door heading down a monorail.

finally they somehow manage to trick the hood by putting a mcdonalds burger cardboard box in a uranium strongbox (the plot being that the lady set up a deal with him for big moneys in exchange for uranium). uranium is one of the heaviest elements, cardboard is made of carbon, one of the lightest. why doesn’t he notice? because technically it’s funnier this way.


ultimately despite it’s flaws this is a pretty good episode and i reccomend you find it on… wherever it is when you’re reading this.

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