thunderbirds are go review type thing: space race

this one’s a short one:

always wear your spacebelts!

always wear your spacebelts!

next ep of the new thunderbirds is up.
somewhat better on the whole “blurr speech” angle but maybe that’s because alan features heavily and is one of the better acted characters so far. also [spoilers] apparently in the early 2040s we still write down important killsat codes on a4 paper, alan flies around a bunch of space shipping lanes with a nuke chasing him and scott decides to call up alan while he’s in the chase and while scott himself is in the middle of… not sure, either a war zone, a torture lounge or a maternity ward. ARRGGGH!

fun fact: the new parker can tear open metal lift doors but when two average build guards show up to arrest him he just surrenders. what the ffffffffffffffffffireflash are you doing? the only character with a writing budget is in danger. punch the side characters out bro! calm thoughts

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