The restless scroll 1 title card: day one indeed

The restless scroll 1 title card: day one indeed

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The Restless is a fantasy-esque webcomic about the adventures of… our protagonists, what did you expect spoilers on the first page? OK fine i’ll tell you their names, Ted Prefect and Clueless Hasn’tGotASurnameYet, written from the position of the former’s journals of the events.

Our heroes wake up in a strange forest, one vastly different to the information age society that they were born into and live in, different because of the the surplus of trees and lack of semi detached real estate.

What does this mean for our heroes protagonists?

What Exciting adventures await?

Will matt go back and create george lucas editions of the first 3 scrolls after he’s finished with the current story arc to bring it closer to the writing quality from scroll 4 onwards and in create a stronger story start?

the answers to all of these questions are yes.

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