Geek pride? what?

so apparently today is “geek pride”? yeah i dunno, i have no pride or shame, or at least don’t listen to them over general paranoia.

also it’s apprently towel day too, i prefer that name. it just seems less of a “selfie” bullcrap term to me. even if towels are inferior to bath sheets.

weirdly enough there’s a list i found that says that people should celebrate this in a downright weird way. i mean really weird, check this out:

On May 25, loads of super creative masterminds around the planet celebrate Geek Pride Day, as an opportunity to encourage love for curiosity and knowledge sharing among tech enthusiasts, computer wizards, super heroes fans, sci-fi films followers and charming nerds. Either if you feel connected to the geek culture or just want to have another reason to celebrate a Monday holiday in the office, here are five ideas to wear your glasses and festive outfit and geek on!

well to start off “wear your glasses”? i think that might just be really really really offensive. hey i have near perfect vision, does that mean i can’t be a geek?

i got nerd, what did you get?

i got nerd, what did you get?

1. Get together with friends and socialise. Have a film marathon or a special Star Wars’ cookies sharing. Today might be a good opportunity to show the world that in fact “geek is the new sexy.” After all, In 2013 a study by tech firm Modis showed 68 per cent of people (in USA) ‘would date a geek.’

look as the chart that i found somewhere above demonstrates that “geek” does not necessarily mean “social ineptitude” not everyone has seen this chart, and i’m pretty sure that most people just use the above words for the same thing.

“socialise” and “friends”, as stereotypical as it may be i reckon a good amount of the… do-we-er-k… yes lets roll with that, works for benelux, community would be either introverted and/or have less people oriented interests.

“geek is the new sexy”? well i could reply to this using that oft referenced south park image but lets face it 7 billion humans, there’s bound to be a bunch who dig doweerks

2. Play your favourite online video game. You could not only have fun and share your passion with other gamers out there, but according to a new study by researchers at Texas Tech you could also be improving your personality to become “friendlier and nicer” when playing online cooperative multiplayer games.

because online multiplayer has a reputation for being full of well balanced, understanding people. but what about “cooperative” games? my experiences of portal 2 multiplayer consists of playing a bit, my brother getting fustrated, yelling a bit and then ragequitting. but my brother is the “online multiplayer” person so i guess what they’re saying is true as long as by multiplayer they mean purchasing your own server and only letting your non-asshole friends on. because socialising.

3. Indulge yourself in geek pride. Buy some special gadgets, figurines or magazines to pamper yourself while supporting any cause you care about or your preferred geek business. Websites such as Thinkgeek, Geeknative and many other  have special 20% discounts today! Your hard work needs to be reinforced, remember that 80 per cent of the US’ engineers (imagine in the rest of the world) accounts for 17 per cent of its gross domestic product (according to a study by the Brookings Institution).

there’s a hell of a lot of studies justifying why you should do something in this. but other than that i can’t think of anything wrong with this. “go out and buy stuff that you like”. the bit in the end about statistics doesn’t really make much sense as a sentence though.

why does everything we do have to be justified though? why can’t i just do something because i like the idea of it?

4. Do any outdoors activity (with or without your favourite Star Wars costume). Geek out on running, jogging and/or walking and let everyone knows about it. In virtual run events, you can for instance complete a virtual 5K and they’ll send you a Geek Day Medal. Try this or any other fun and healthy competition.

yeeeeeeaahnope. outdoors activities doesn’t sound like a very doweerk thing to do, coming from the perspective of one. but i would like to see someone doing a fun run in a jabba the hut costume.

3 people, like a pantomime slug crossed with a 3 legged race.

5. Educate yourself about Alzheimer’s and show support (wearing lilac, anyone?). Besides commemorating the 1977 release of Star Wars, this date for Geek Pride is also about Towel Day (for fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy by Douglas Adams), and the Glorious 25th of May for fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. Sir Terry Pratchett sadly lost his battle with Alzheimer’s earlier this year, so The Glorious 25th in 2015 is the perfect time to celebrate the life and works of one of the best fantasy authors as well as learning about Alzheimer’s.

yes supporing alzheimers research might be a good thing to do but a) wearing a lilac sock or whatever ain’t gonna give the research teams any money, go and donate and b) maybe you should arrange alzheimers day on his… deathday. that makes a lot more sense.

although i guess i have learnt something. alzheimers apparently isn’t spelt with a T, good thing i’ve never used the word before.

And remember whatever you decide to do to celebrate, share your passion and your knowledge with the rest of us. Social networks will be waiting #GeekPrideDay.

social networks are stupid, i still use facebook but only to yell at people on the internet and remember people’s birthdays.

so yeah, insert conclusion here because i suck at conclusions.

the article:

used under fair use for review purposes.

google it and yo get dowager.

google it and yo get dowager.


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