Thunderbirds are Go review type thing: Eos

aaaand added to desktop background slideshow.

aaaand added to desktop background slideshow.

actually i haven’t got much to rant on about this one, it’s actually a pretty good episode, Theo Baynton you did a good job. even if you did unplugged.

oh, all right here’s a humorous synopsis.

john is jogging around TB-5 and talking about how great being in space is and then his bagel dispenser, really the best use of space technolgy ever and it even pre-cheeses them, starts attacking him. he goes out to fix some circuit but it turns out that circuit isn’t broken and he tries to go back through the airlock which leads to the inevitable “i’m sorry john i can’t let you do that”.

it turns out that the AI from last episode is a childlike being called Eos, because almost all space things are named after greco-roman mythology, and she locks him out of TB-5 because she thinks that he’s trying to hunt her down and delete her, especially seeing as he kinda did that last episode. he then points out that somebody’s gonna notice when all the rescue reports aren’t sent down to tracy island,

and now for a mid synopsis rant. y’see in the old Thunderbirds they let people try to solve their problems first before rushing in if they have major problems. because they rush in and solve everything in this universe at the first hint of danger everyone has become reliant on them and this means that when Eos takes over TB-5 the world is screwed and some people definitely died in the down time. because this is a kids show and that means i have to look for any and all signs of people dying. this would never have happened under jeff,

anyway Eos sends down a holographic john who tells everyone that nothing is going on and everything is definitely OK and that i am totally not a fake John.

john tries to pull off the dish (or something to disrupt communications) but Eos uses a robot eye GLaDOS grabber arm and tries to throw him off into space, eventually suceeding but john grapples the arm and ties it to the artificial gravity ring.

then Eos lasers the rope with… the sun? it’s not really explained but this episode is good enough to be good even with flaws, and john starts trying to talk her down captain kirk style explaining that he doesn’t want to hurt her. but Eos ain’t having nout of that and calls him a deceiver and when pressured further figuratively sticks her robot fingers in her robot ears and literally starts chanting “LALALALALALALAAA I CAN’T HEAR YOU”.

john turns his radio off and jetpacks down to a blindspot on the bottom of the spacecraft and sends a video down to lady Penelope.

what’s she doing? driving through the english countryside telling parker off for beating up a rude ambassador with a jug of fruit juice. then john’s holographic “vine” i guess would be the equivalent comes through. she misunderstands it as a “selfie” (i hate that word) and john has to do charades of “hey i’m running out air, call home” for her to get it.

then parker calls hip “Space Bonkers” and penny calls up Fake john and finally gets it.

tracy island is also conviced when fake john agrees with scott about how good jaffa cakes are because last episode has shown us that all of the tracy boys think that jaffa cakes taste like feet so they  send alan up. and scott, tintin, virgil and gordon go off and do all the rescues that they missed.

john is running out of air so Eos comes over to gloat. he tries to reason with her again but she just starts screaming at him.

fortunately Alan shows and saves him with his badass space hoverboard and they try to either take back TB-5 or destroy it, preventing Eos from causing more harm.

brains actually does good this time and packed a spare space suit into TB-3 which alan flies around to distract Eos so john can fly back into the space station. Eos notices and tries to crush him with the centrifugal forces of the artificial gravity ring but alan docks with tb-5 and slows it down before being chased off by the never seen before Thunderbird 5

john reaches the “fix the plot” button as eos spins the ring up again, yet again john tries to talk her down and this time it actually works. he takes his helmet off and puts his life in her hands (or in this case airlock motors) and she backs down.

the episode ends with them agreeing to partner up, no not that way shippers: she’s basically his daughter, and he is yet again pelted with bagels, this time without malicious intent.


this episode was great, the plot was on par with  good star trek, they nailed the usage of a 20 min time slot too. it has a bunch of neat references (not only GLaDOS arm and HAL-9000 eye robots of course but also the beeping computer noise from the 60s TB-5 model shots).

i also really like the new thunderbird 5 again. the artificial gravity ring is based on real science designs, the fact that while he’s in the main globe he just floats (better featured in other episodes).

but yeah. this one was really good.


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