Thunderbirds Are Go Review Type Thing: under pressure (bada bedaub bedaub bedaub bea it’s the terror of knowing…)

hey remember that godawful asteroid episode from a while ago? and remember that space crazy loon who talked to his plant?

well he’s back, he’s got a name and he’s underwater:

based on a true story out 2015 in 4d (the 4th dimension is time)

based on a true story
out 2015 in 4d
(the 4th dimension is time) 

i stand by my budget usage choices.

anyway ned’s rolling along underwater in a sewage dredger train thing… yeah… lets just call it the underwater crablogger for short.

then it catches fire and starts driving itself… HOW!? it is never adequately explained but you can’t disprove it being the plant.

he starts screaming, and the plant turns the radio on

I’m just a mean green mother from outer space and I’m bad

and john hears him and send virgil and gordon out to save him

he also talks to:

real name: jeff vader

most definately not a villain… and he’s actually the hood, with a plan to pollute the world’s bottled water gone wrong. we haven’t seen him for a while. they ask Penelope to look into him.

she seems to spend her adult life driving around Yorkshire. if only she had some sort of stately mansion to crash in

penelope’s father, who is dead by the way,  is a major shareholder in the hood’s water company so penny rings up to scheduled a meeting. the hood takes this badly and sends toaster minions on batbikes after her

you realise that if your car wasn’t a bright pink roller it’d be harder to track down right?

there’s a car chase but since guns aren’t allowed it kinda sucks. although one of the toaster minions fires a, and i use this for emphasis, “fucking” RPG so i guess BSnP/network censors are just BS.

meanwhile gordon cuts the control tower from the underwater crablogger, saving Ned Tedford.

this is ground control to midget 3

and then because the tanks of sewage were made of paper mache (or because the guys who filmed this were rubbish at making it seem like they went at all that deep under the water) they start cracking (also the thing is falling into a crevasse so virgil shoves ned’s conning tower into hammerspace and grapples the thing). then gordon cuts a phone cable, it doesn’t even look giant, just a phone cable.

do you want to collect charges?

and evas to do it… for no reason. tb-2 saves the toxic waste, the hood gets fired and ned tedson gets a desk job at the global defense force…

i never asked for this

i never asked for this

wait... i don't get it

wait… i don’t get it

is the implication that he’s flying the plane? or is he in a flying asylum? maybe he’s controlling the world’s nuclear arsenal? we will never know.

as far as episodes go it wasn’t bad, there is internal consistency and the obstacles are prevented as inconvenient, instead of the “oh look i fixed it” obstacles in the asteroid one. buuuut it really doesn’t feel like much happened. the hood really isn’t there for any reason other than toaster minions, and toaster minions are nice and all but if the b plot isn’t really that important to the a plot maybe it would have been better if they had cut the b plot and just focused on the a plot. it certainly didn’t add anything other than toaster minions.

“just like in America, 3 and a half stars”

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