sentences? I end

on prepositions sir, what

will you say to it?

semicolon; why

so often overlooked? yet

vital for our code.


why doesn’t lord megs

just damn frikken slag starscream?

seeker unions

rock paper scissors:

which of these things doesn’t fit?

there’s cases for all

nonchalant statement

joining proposal or line

unexpected end

pinky and the brain

earth conquering is their game

this last rhyme is lame

zubat used leach life

it’s not very effective

arceus fainted

avast ye lard legs

this be cap. platypus dave:

ye’re being boarded

gaze into the gold

mirror of paper treacle,

what stares back at you?

love is like a bap;

made of wheat yeast and water…

[beat] hang on a mo!

autobots wage their

battle to slag the evil

decepticon force.

alternitively ( based on what i thought the lyrics were when i was younger)

autobots face their

present doom, slag the evil

decepticon force.

you bring a hiaku,
yet i am not that amused,
… …
and i’ve got nothing.



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