Thunderbirds Are Go Review Type Thing: The Dumb Hadron Collider

no images today because i’m feeing lazy.

you’ll never guess what: brains, the doweerk who fails at science and goes apeshit crazy in a crisis, has a date.

and she’s TBAG’s version of amy farah-fowler from TBBT, a show which may or may not have jumped the shark. however this probably doesn’t even matter because TBAG could dedicate a whole episode to the Tracy boys and co taking turns to perform intricate blowhole-alingus on a bewildered orca and it would probably end up making more sense than  the actual show

i apologise for giving you that mental image, i really do.

anyway this girl was on brains’ university project team, and to balance out both him and that idiot from skyhook she builds the “supreme hadron collider” at “QUA.R.K.”, degree count 1+2: quantum physics and copyright law. then they turn this collider thing on and it creates a swirly thing that drags down some space debris (wow, they really have a problem with Kessler syndrome in the TBAG universe) which crashes into the nearby ski resort, killing hundred, degree count 3: elaborate spree kill schemes, and virgil is sent to investigate… he gets out his robot suit and does nothing.

then a jet plane flies over Switzerland and gets sucked into the death vortex, yes just one, it’s not like anyone actually visits Switzerland to i don’t know… bank? or maybe ski?, and scott flies over from the pacific, complete with flashy mighty morphing quick change and launch sequence, to save the derpliner, they get it out of the swirly thing (which is by the way a gravity well, degree count 4: anomalous materials production) by referencing that clustershite asteroid episode. then the “global space station” (which is dinky enough to get past copyright law) crewed by a female “astronaught” Untitled(so this is why teachers dislike wikipedia, they only acknowledge astronau(gh)ts who prefer lewis over simon) and Chris Hadfield, who sadly doesn’t sing or even talk, starts being swirly thinged to death (exciting? not really, it bears no relevence to the plot and really only acts as an arbitrary time limit, now if this episode had been around them rescuing the people off the space station as it goes down… it would have been a much better episode drama wise)

virgil get’s off his arse and apparently he already had gordon with him, he just doesn’t show up before now. gordon goes down into the death spiral with tb4 (don’t ask why virgil had pod 4 loaded for a trip to the mountains, it’s not exactly the cheapest toboggan is it?) and they try to fish for the plot device’s off swich, then tb1 and the little quadrotor that could join in and the day is saved.


despite all that this episode isn’t written that badly, plus it turns out that brains’ name really is hiram hackenbacker in TBAG, suprising no-one.


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