The Restless Halloween 2014

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this was a poster i did for the restless on Halloween 2014.

i love stargate sg-1, as you may have noticed from that rant in one of the scroll 2 descriptions, in fact i’d say it’s my favourite space based sci-fi show, and that’s solid praise: i don’t have favourites of anything.

that said if they made a really really really good transformers then that would probably surpass it, beast wars and rescue bots are shows that i hold in high regard as shows i want to preserve for my likely non-existent future kids/clones/robots/genetically engineered werewolves but we really haven’t had any space related transformers shows since cybertron.

by the way hasbro if you’re listening i have a pitch for a transformer sub-franchise aiming at treating it’s audience as smart kids and smart adults (and by that i mean dealing with themes such as death, obsessive revenge, cyborg fears, relationships and political intrigue in mature ways) and generally try to emulate shows like the first 4 seasons of tmnt2k3 in an atmosphere of both seriousness and humour.

i’m sure i’ll write a post on it at some point, but until then you can check my devientart to see some concept art for it, it’s called TF polaris.


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