Game Death March: site announcement

If you didn’t know i’m doing a video series called Game Death March where i am attempting to play through every game i own to completion (0r at least the point where i say “eh, frek it” and look for the nearest victory condition).

currently i’m running through my ps2 library. here’s some links to the starting episodes of each game so far

Star Wars battlefront 1:–uKxiMzbs&list=PLz98qG2PhkGPyXTLeLxuKQvpqfznCbsyq&index=1

WW2 Battle over Europe (which defeated me, I’ll be back):

The Legend of Spyro A New Beginning:

or alternatively click the playlist is embedded in the “Game Death March” tab on this site.

just so ya know… if anyone was viewing this website or series.

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