The Restless Scroll 1 Lucased edition: Day one Title card

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Welcome to the Restless webcomic Scroll 1 (Lucased edition). the restless is a sci-fi/fantasy webcomic by me, mattihase, about a couple of earth teens who wake up one night far from home in a… well that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

“Lucased edtion”? when i started the restless my artwork and writing was not that good, i like to think it has improved, and it was essentially an insult to widely acceptable sequential art conventions. first impressions are probably important so i thought i’d go over and redo my early strips into my current, clearer art style and add some important things like for example speech balloons (yes i know, i was in fact a n00b). i’m also rewriting a bunch of the script as it were to better introduce the characters. canonically these changes can be chalked down to the narrator-character’s poor memory.

if you want to read the original scroll 1 then go back to the hub and click on it, alternatively click on it’s category or check my devientart’s gallery for the scroll 1 folder, but be advised that it’s naff.

this is actually the first time i’ve used my new second edition standardised title card.


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