Page 2: how to leave a forest

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so i have finally decided to feature infrequent swears in the comic, to illustrate the gravity of situations where a more comical explicative just doesn’t fit.

i wanted to portray our protagonist’s thoughts as a jumbled, self correcting mess, i am attempting to focus on character more in these remakes but this was interestingly enough in the original comics.

and now for THE RETCON REPORT!:
*again things are more in detail
*our protagonist tries calling out for help, you saw how that worked
*our protagonist also acknowledges his situation before searching for solutions
*assbat is now an insult
*his t-shirt in panel 4 has a small “V” opening thing, it hasn’t ever had that before but it will now.

thanks retcon report, as always the original strip is here.

next week: Double sized pages because? eh, i felt like doing something different. EDIT: i only did a double for scroll 5, sorry.

if you want to continue reading before i get round to finishing the lucased edition and can read near invisible text then this is the next page of the original scroll 1, i don’t recommend it but if you want to catch up to current events then it’s currently the only way.


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