On Why America should get over 9/11, or 11/9 by UK reckoning.

oooh, i could have a right angry rant about this one… but to spare you the angrish i have decided simply to bulletpoint list as many good reasons as i can think of.

so with out much further ado:

  • 14 years of you whining about it has not endeared you to anyone.
  • by reacting the way you have to it the terrorists won, like a kid who had a temper tantrum because a bully kept stirring them
  • let’s face it sticking 2 fingers up to the world was just asking for trouble
  • most of the problems you have with your government and the security state are based around reactions to this attack. if you stopped caring then their policies would change to reflect that and goodbye omnipotent NSA
  • in 2013 11,208 people in America died from firearm homicides, if we assume this to be normal then in the 14 years since 11/9/2001 156,912 US citizens have been killed by the US bill of rights second amendment. that’s fifty people every day. 11/9 took 2,996 lives including those of the highjackers in one day, but an event like this doesn’t happen every day, there has been one major terrorist event in the USA since 11/9, the boston bombing, and that killed 3 people. statistically speaking america is more a threat to america than the people attacking america
  • lets face it your wars in the middle east haven’t worked, big surprises, this clearly didn’t work so move on to something new.
  • 11/9 is considered off limits for telling jokes about, i do not apologise for jokes about X person dying because if something is a joke it’s not meant to be taken seriously.
  • along that vein inoffensive things were all taken off air just because they involved exploding buildings
  • finally; before 11/9 hasbro was going to reboot GI JOE with a movie, but that was cancelled due to the theory that portraying guys, y’know, actually fighting terrorists wouldn’t sell in an era where america was all about fighting terrorists… i don’t know, something about making light of it being offensive, doesn’t make business sense really. so instead of that they made Bayformers. if that fuss about the proposed GI JOE movie hadn’t been made 1) hasbro would be a lot richer and could thus invest more into their next movie (alternate universe transformers 1), 2) they would have seen how much of a hack Bay was handling the diverse cast of GI JOE and perhaps hired someone more competent to do the transformers movie. so not getting over 11/9 lead to bayformers, you’re welcome.



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