Page 11: Conclusion (double page)

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so scroll 5 concludes not with a whimper, but with a double page. i’ll give an explanation for where i’m going now in the scroll end panel.
if you’re wondering the wizard robe designs are based off of the karate suit i use, i figure it looks close enough to robes for a wizard but practical enough to not look silly/require me to draw fluidly moving fabrics.
for the record i know the meaning of sabbatical, i just heard it in ringworld (which if you don’t know is about some guy going to a giant space hula hoop and constantly bonking his travel companion) and it sounded like a cool term for something like this plus it’s not like our words make sense anymore: September, decimate, “selfie”i really hate the word “selfie”, did i mention that?

also apparently whine is an onomatopoeia of itself, our language is even more weird…


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