Showcase Danger Mouse

So today i’d like to talk about a fairly interesting British 80s cartoon: Danger Mouse.Danger_Mouse_Cast

Danger Mouse is… well the best way to describe it is a parody of James bond with small animals but also sort of the precursor to Freakazoid! it’s bizarre but pretty fun to watch. as the name would suggest the show is about the titular secret agent Danger Mouse: a daring ninja polyglot and ludicrously laid back secret agent who wears an eyepatch and a full body sweater the same colour as his fur, lives in a postbox flat on the corner baker street and drives a flying yellow roofless delorean. oh and he’s voiced by David Jason of Only Fools and Horses fame.


yes, really, all that.

Danger Mouse is assisted by his bungling sidekick Penfold(the late Terry Scott) a cowardly but well meaning hamster in a suit and Colonel K (Edward Kelsey)  his boss, an absent minded chinchilla with a fair share of pub stories in his continuing fight against the evil baron greenback (also Kelsey), an 80s-toon evil toad with a sore throat and an army of robots controlled by his Italian gangster crow Stiletto (Brian Trueman). other villains included a thickly accented scottish alien named J.J. Quark and Count Duckula…

Count Duckula!

am i gonna have to get the [beat] tag out again series?

and then we have the somewhat eccentric narrator, also voiced by Jason, who is probably the reason why i compared it to freakazoid.

Danger Mouse had a pretty bizzare setup but were it’s episodes equally weird? hell yeah: the first episode has him dancing a giant (or small, scale is weird in danger mouse) robot dog to death, the second is about stolen bagpipes and we eventually get to him saving the world’s elephant population from being turned into sugar cubes, fighting an army of washing machines, a personified enzyme monster and a giant chicken and one episode has the narrator accidentally send everyone back in time to a robin hood parody.

and i like it and would recommend it, the first 3 seasons are available on the UK netflix and after that the whole 10 are selling on amazon for £20 (it’s called the complete somthing or other, just searchbar dangermouse)


so why have i decided to bring this up? because like thunderbirds before it a series i know and rather enjoy is being remade and that series is… stargate SG1 and.. of course it’s bliddy danger mouse!! from what i’ve seen in the trailers it seems promising, but then again so did TBAG and look how well that started. as such i’ve decided to have a look at it and see how it compares to the original, which again like thunderbirds i haven’t watched much of but liked what i’ve seen.

that comes out the 28th so stay tuned my nonexistant viewers because poorly written comparisons are coming!


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