Page 3: gravity of the situation

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never think about teleporters, the idea of being suddenly dissolved into nothingness both physically and mentally while a traumatised copy of you is brought into existence outside a space tesco is not a comforting one to think about especially if you consider which body you get to experience (well until a certain point) that from.

so if you’re thinking of something unsettling try new scream-of-terror! now with included dual panel functionality

on a lighter note… RETCON REPORT!:
*this page occupies the spot of pages 3 and 4 of the original scroll 1.
*we have a whole load of added content: a new train of thought for ted, and even a panel signifying what will now occupy page 4
*which is also a bit of a change, we’re now viewing both our protagonists’ first moments in this place.
thanks report. link to the original comics here.

oh and remember last page where i promised a double sized thing… yeah to be honest i’m a tad lazy but scroll 5 got a double that week so you can’t complain too muc… this is the internet, of course you can

if you want to continue reading before i get round to finishing the lucased edition and can read near invisible text then this is the next page of the original scroll 1, i don’t recommend it but if you want to catch up to current events then it’s currently the only way. things may not match up perfectly.


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