Page 4: the observation of silence

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so i decided to try and do things i little differently in this new bit, as such i’ve… well i’ve attempted to try and establish this character through her actions and not just a retread of the whole cluttered internal monologue thing. if you think i messed it up feel free to yell at me in all caps… please, i’m soooo alllloooneee….

also that thing’s supposed to be a bear, believe me it looked far worse in it’s appearance in the original scroll one

so RETCON REPORT! what do you have for us today?
*this page has no analogue in the original, ergo technically the whole thing’s a retcon.
well that was helpful.


look i know it’s not historically accurate and all that but what in the name of Edward willyhands is the go-compare man doing there?

if you want to continue reading before i get round to finishing the lucased edition and can read near invisible text then this is the next page of the original scroll 1, i don’t recommend it but if you want to catch up to current events then it’s currently the only way. things may not match up perfectly.


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