Page 5: unreliable narrator

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y’know i’ve just realised that this is essentially the standard “save woman in alleyway” hero trope only different, and with a bear.
which looks worse than it did last week.
*this takes the place of panels 5 and 6 of the original
*that gag at the start is new, i guess it must be late.
*in the original currently unnamed male character, much to his surprise, hit the bear in one go. this time however he’s remembered that he wasn’t so lucky.
*in the original the bea…
as the author i can confirm that the bear was originally meant to be sedated as… well i know nothing about bear hunting but one arrow never seemed enough.
*jeez ok, in the original the bear looked more like it was dead.
thanks you snarky bastard. links to the original comics here.


actually i think i have a perfect explanation for why the bear looks goofy:

if you want to continue reading before i get round to finishing the lucased edition and can read near invisible text then this is the next page of the original scroll 1, i don’t recommend it but if you want to catch up to current events then it’s currently the only way. things may not match up perfectly.


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