Page 6: union

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our protagonists join up. maybe next week we’ll even get some names and i won’t have to keep on to referring to them using “the guy protagonist” and “the girl protagonist”
*because of last week this retells part of panel 7, but only part.
*”the guy protagonist” didn’t retrieve his arrow in the original, come to think of it he shot two this time and since i don’t really like the idea of leaving things lying out somewhere i double retcon him into having picked it and already stowed it
*yep, i can do that now.
well i certainly learned something. original (first half of a) page here

if you want to continue reading before i get round to finishing the lucased edition and can read near invisible text then this is the next page of the original scroll 1, i don’t recommend it but if you want to catch up to current events then it’s currently the only way. things may not match up perfectly.


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