EA Star Wars

so i recently, and by recently i mean 5 minutes ago, learned, and by learned i mean noticed it in that trending bar thing on the side of the facebook page, that EA has the rights to star wars for the next decade or so and is thinking of making sequels to it’s content-lite yet ridiculously beautiful battlefront game.

one problem with that: as i’ve said above the game had fantastic visuals to the point that i think we should bring back the “photorealism” buzzword. as far as i’m concerned we’re within touching distance of the graphics fidelity ceiling and the only real noticable way up now is VR stuff, i’m probably wrong but then again i’m more of a “aesthetic design is important” guy, pity i can’t art that well.

anyway the point is that unless they’re going to re-jig the physics or terrain damage systems substantially all they really need to add for the next game is new content (hopefully instant action, clone wars and space, y’know all those things that we had in the first) and lets face it they’re going to sell that all as DLC for this one anyway. so why not take a different tack? why not follow blizzard’s examples such as WOW and starcraft 2 and just release a massive expansion pack occasionally adding maybe ten new maps… oh right i’m thinking BF2 scale… 2 new maps and a bunch of role-specific equipment (as opposed to new classes seeing as they went for loadouts), that kind of stuff.

also a star wars “adventure game” is apparently being made, and by adventure game i’m pretty sure they don’t mean point and click because after sierra in the nighties the world supply of LSD is running dangerously low so developing one of those would be far too expensive. i can only therefore assume it to be space uncharted (also known as an “action-adventure” game, unless you are making a point and click… that would probably sell well on mobiles actually so go ahead) and sadly not a mascot platformer starring chewbacca (think about it: furry guy, good at melee, has a robot strapped to his back: perfect).

hmm what other game could they make… well it’d be pretty cool for them to make something around those stargate ripoffs from the EU whatever they were, i mean it’s not like we’re getting a working official stargate game any time soon seeing as the whole franchise seems to have went the way of the original battlefront games. literally the only news for stargate on google is that some guy edited it into something else’s trailer.

how about star wars horror? sure that sounds like an oxymoron at the moment but go back and watch general grevious obliterate a whole team of jedi in the 2003 series and tell me it’s not possible.

star wars jrpg? not sure, george definately left enough crazy stuff around so i guess that could work. plus: buster lightsaber, awesome or what?

we could always do with a new star wars RTS, EAW was awesome although if they take the space out of that too i’m not buying.

and i’m out of ideas. if you have any suggestions then GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY, SOMEONE ACTUALLY READS MY STUFF!

s’miricle ta is.

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