Severalighters Webozine: coming soon

Over the next year (or more if anyone’s actually reading it) i will be publishing a Free Monthly Anthology Magazine downloadable from this site, probably in pdf format.

Each issue will be at least 16pages long, including a cover, and contain a wide variety of content: two 4 page comics: Minion! (pictures below), a tale about a mad scientist trying to take over the world with his mind control collars and his disgruntled first… minion i guess, And Tales from the Public Domain!, where each month i will be picking an interesting or cool golden age character off of the public domain super heroes wiki and re-imagine them in a more modern setting but not as angsty thugs as, for some reason, people are wont to do. in addition there will be a couple of one page strips focusing on the antics of Nebulo, a young shapeshifter.  i may mix this up a little down the line swapping out which are 4 page and which are one page gags depending on what ideas i have floating around. the comics are not the only thing that will be in each issue, there will also be written stuff like how-to guides and really anything that i’ve been interested in that month.

Coming out January 2016.

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