Letters from Pegasus, a Stargate Atlantis text review: Hot Zone

this one’s title kinda makes me think of the song danger zone except with the f15s being hot chicks. and that make’s me think of slipstream from transformers animated. and now i’m angry because of season 3 sari’s personality-sectomy.

oh right, stargate.


Hey remember when a couple episodes ago Atlantis was almost destroyed by a FUCKOFF HURRICANE? last episode did but for some reason now we’re dealing with that again. Mkay and Zelenka, science buddies, have for some reason been put on flood damage survey duty and decide to pass the time by yelling numbers at ford to see how bad at “guess the prime number” he is, because they loved that board game when they were young. things are looking OK down in altantis’ bowels but then some guys cry out for help and are killed by invisible migraines.

Atlantis population: 100 98 96

The Episode:

so as with every plague episode there’s the panicking guy who makes everything worse, this role will be played by dr peterson. weir puts the city in quarantine trapping shep and teylaa in the middle of a stick ninja training session in Atlantis’ dojo, yes we have one of those. meanwhile science/plague team go an retrace the dead guys steps to find the ancients plague lab. then another scientist sees a bunch of shadows and dies mid freakout from migrane syndrome. dr dumbass peterson takes this as his cue to make everything worse and heads back to the city to infect everyone else prompting shep to order bates (a guy who isn’t chakotay, apart from that i know nothing) to let him out to stop dumbass. over weirs orders. weir is not pleased with you young man as usual. anyway mkay and dr redshirt also start having visions of shadowy things and figure that they’re the next to die, and hit the ancient books while Dr Beckett and co swing by in hazmat suits to autopsy everyone. shep and teylaa, also in hazmat suits, run into dr dumbass and try to stop but not before he makes it into Atlantis’ cafe and the city’s plauge detectors lockdown the whole city. meanwhile mkay and beckett start to suspect that migraine syndrome is strangely uniform at giving people shadowy visions and killing them on a schedual but seeing as dr redshirt just dropped out it doesn’t matter for rodney anymore. “tell my sister i died saving puppies from hitler” he says, awaiting the end only for it to not come because he has the ATA gene. then they google the plot, find out these are nanites and try to EMP them. rodney has an EMP generator in his lab that shep can get to despite the lockdown because the acients have hazmat detectors OK, unfortunately rodney can’t build EMP generators for shit and shep says “fuck it, imma detonate a naquada generator nuke in the upper atmosphere” and the day is saved. we end on weir telling shep to get back in line because as always he’s such a LOOSE CANNON!

Atlantis population: 100 98 96 93

Final Thoughts:

it’s not bad, it’s just that “we’re being killed by a virus that makes us go insane and there’s a guy who runs around making things worse” is not only cliche but it’s basically star trek naked time but without shirtless takei running around with a rapier which is considered one of the more essential parts of that episode.

plus season 3 sari, you gave her three 2-parters and yet we still know nothing about her apart from the fact that she’s now robot-older than she was and doesn’t like fun anymore.

we've got the plague at the Y M C A...

we’ve got the plague at the Y! M! C! A!…

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