Letters from Pegasus, a Stargate Atlantis text review: The Brotherhood

no, this isn’t the X-Men Crossover you’ve been waiting for. think Dan Brown, except i haven’t watched that so probably nothing like that, kinda brotherhood.


many years ago a bunch of old dudes lived in a castle. then the wraith killed them all, the end.

ok, not quite. these guys (the titular brotherhood) were looking after a ZedPM for the ancients, and worshipping them because as we all know the ancients are totally fine with people thinking that they’re gods, s’why they got on so well with the Ori. Mkay also gives us a rousing speech about why we should give a crap without mentioning any of what the ZedPMs do to the obvious genii spy right next to them.

The Episode:

so the meat of this episode is like time team except they try to keep the diggers out of shot. mkay hits it off with hot local renesscience woman, we get pieces of a map and the 4 cyber planet keys, they dig up shit. you know the deal

let’s see if Atlantis base is doing anything interesting… huh, the long range scanners, that we have now; shut up, pick up a wraith dart flying towards them through space, there’s a dogfight and Atlantis population: 100 98 96 93 91 because they launch gateships and one is ‘splode. then the dart scans them and suicides.

meanwhile Master Stick Ninja, or as shep refers to him SEQUOYA!!! shows up and pushes shep down a well. rodney comes up with the cyber planet keys and finds the last tablet of somethingness inside a mural. they go back down the well to work it out but the brotherhood were kinda big on puzzle gaming so it kills one of MSN’s dudes. then shep works it out because he’s not an idiot. ford (yes he’s still here) flashbangs everyone and they escape with the ZPM only for mkay’s one night stand to steal it back because they’re a new brotherhood now lead by her, well done gendered naming schemes, and think the real ancients are coming back for their shit one day. nobody brings up the second generation endorsed by Janus bit or anything about space ghost so they return home empty handed to discover that weir and zelenka have use the magic 8 scanners to find out that the wraith will be there by the season finale and now they’re SOL.

Final Thoughts:

Master Stick Ninja is a pretty good recurring nemesis dude i guess.

also darts can apparently take down gateships in one shot, i call bullshit.

also there’s now an archive tab on the site, enjoy.

Frank, I don't think the Hoover beam can grab the whole city.

Frank, I don’t think the Hoover beam can grab the whole city.


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