Thunderbirds Are Go Review Type Thing: falling skies

it’s time i started on the batch 2 episodes, also i’m changing the format of this to be more like my letters from pegasus stargate atlantis reviews to save on image upload time.
the teaser:
so brains was bored one day and decided to build the justice league watchtower out of nanites and use it as a hotel, doesn’t even want fame for it. penelope and parker show up to visit it because their voice actors have a contract and they are yelled at by weird white eyeshadow lady and celebrity cameo J jonah jamesson because nanites never end well. and d’ya know what they’re right as nanites start leaking the station’s infinite supply of air causing it to de-orbit.
the episode:
IR rush into action with scott, alan and tintin flying off in TB3 and virgil taking TB2 to pick up gordon for no apparent reason who’s waiting in the ocean for no apparent reason. TB3 pincers the station and scott in the space pod (which TB3 has now, shut up) scans the hole. brains and grannie tracy suspect sabatage, do much soul searching to figure out it’s satbatage then they do some science and discover that (shock horror) it was sabataged (or to be precise: someone reversed the polarity and now it’s broken). then all the escape pods but one are “accidentally” sabataged to go off. TB3 docks and rescues people, leaving the space pod behind while tintin goes in to ninja around with no helmet on. some bearded guy appears, that is all. then tintin finds a device that, you wouldn’t belive it, is sabataging the station and kicks it till it dies. she then runs into beardman who was in fact J Jonah Jamesson who was in fact the hood. the hood wants to show the world how stupid building something out of nanites is, or he’s apparently the head of the construction industry but that’s just stupid. meanwhile TB2 takes the passengers off of TB3 because it can’t land at airports, so that’s why it’s here, and gordon walks around exposing his face to the public because that’s no longer a problem in this thunderbirds. the hood escapes by way of the last escape pod and then tintin saves the day (or africa, which the watchtower will apparently destroy despite being tiny) by blowing up the nanites and escaping in the space pod. meanwhile the hood is lost in space, presumably dr smith.
final thoughts:
so the hood is the mafia now? why does he need to steal stuff, he could just use his massive wealth to buy things or research his own? can’t you think of another reason for someone sabatageing the sation than “the hood is now the king of B&Q”.
on the other hand i don’t know if it’s just absence but things seem much better. stock footage more refined, movements and expressions smoother, tintin expressing emotion (if still not happiness of any kind). there are some impressive action shots even if the camera seems a little drunk some times where it has an issue focusing on the action at hand.

Air does not work that way. that is all

Air does not work that way. that is all.


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