Thunderbirds Are Go Review Type Thing: relic

Hey do you like space? Well the showrunners clearly did as we get yet another space episode, it’s almost like 1/3rd of the thunderbirds are spacecraft or something.

The Teaser:
Everyone’s watching the Leonidas meteor shower, as you do. Scott calls up john to see how he is and john just so happens to have a plot hook waiting for him: the meteors are about to hit the moon (can’t comment on the accuracy of this but the moon has plenty of craters so something must have hit it at some point). Jeff’s friend Captian Lee “if we say his full name repeatedly he’ll seem famous” Taylor lives in moon base alpha there and he’s about to be smashed up.

The Episode:
So scott and alan fly up to the moon and scott rocketpack jumps down to the moon fingerless gloves and all (I can only assume his fingers now have severe radiation burns) and goes down into “Alfie” to meet with Captain Lee “roger corby” Taylor in his space hoodie. Captain Lee “that one episode of DS9” Taylor doesn’t want to leave his home and has no intention to as the base has laser cannons to deal with this kind of thing. Kinda pointless for IR to come. Also Captain Lee “close friend to their father” Taylor never bothered learning the tracy boys’ names because seriously what kind of statistical anomaly gives a man 5 sons. They man the guns but after a couple rounds of asteroid invaders the power keks out and things start hitting. Captain Lee “Mark Watney” Taylor reminds the audience that holding your breath in space causes your lungs to explode which is not good and they escape suited up, those fingerless gloves are really bothering me, to the space monster truck that Captain Lee “big al” Taylor apparently built. They space rally with Scott as the navigator/jetpack assist guy and eventually ejector seat into TB3 which is here now. They reconcile on earth with Captain Lee “Tiberius” Taylor telling them of his space adventures, and telling scott that he’s taking a month’s retirement because as a guy who lived on the moon for years, inventing shit and keeping his bone strength up he sounds like the kind of guy who would love to spend days sitting still. but may be in future episodes or something.

Final Thoughts:
This episode was, more than anything, a missed opportunity. Jeff Tracy is MIA presumed Dead and his Son and Bestie meet up as adults for the first time. I understand it’s a show targeted at young kids but they could have made this so much better if Captain Lee “overused joke” Taylor and Scott had a “you’re so much like your father was” talk or “you’re father called me lee” or similar with some implied history and emotional weight and hand him a memento or something. Instead we just get OKish action scenes. Writers: don’t underestimate kids’ understanding of character and relationship stuff like this, if you explain in right they will get it (and that doesn’t mean dumb it down). Even 4kids did a missing father thing right with TMNT back to the sewer, and BTTS did almost nothing right.

There are so many things wrong with this image on those gloves alone. GAAAAAH!

There are so many things wrong with this image on those gloves alone. GAAAAAH!

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