Thunderbirds Are Go Review Type Thing: ZedPM+holoboobs

Hey remember a couple episodes back where brains got laid and science almost destroyed the world? Well good news continuity fans because we’re doing a follow up of that.

The Teaser:
So the particle they discovered in heavy metal is now called centrium 21 (or perhaps CITVium). Professor brains’ girlfriend thinks it can be used to make a ZedPM (she’s not Canadian but at the same time it’s not an American show) and she’s taking it to the erf defence force base in that underwater train that we totally have. The hood also wants the ZedPM and attacks them in his big ass submarine.

The Episode:
The train is stopped and sealed in a section of tunnel by the explosions and water. The hood EMPs it and docks with the tunnel to infiltrate the train. Naturally IR shows up with TBs 1,2 and 4 to save the day. 4 goes down to grab it while brains remotely fires airbag missiles at it. Meanwhile the hood comes on board and knocks out professor Meredith Rodney MoFfat while she’s going to the toilet and assumes her form and voice with his holograms, man RuPaul’s drag race must be really short in the future… that’s what they do in that show right?. Fortunately IR calls up and tells lady p that the hood’s there and he’s sniffed out, though not before he makes off with the Gerry Andersonium. Meanwhile Gordon saves the day by making TB4 do a superman pose but that’s kind of unimportant. Lady p and parker have a depth charge battle with the hood in their submarine car that they totally brought with them on the train (?) and missile him till he ‘splodes, also Gordon does something but that’s kinda irrelevant too. Oh and despite having TB1 hovering right above him the hood escapes in a pod minus the ZedPM.

Final Thoughts:
I have to say the effect of the hood reverbing between his and prof moff’s voice is pretty impressive. Also I’m glad that the idea of someone being a hologram crossdresser is just normal and goes without comment in the 2060s. thanks progressive tv writers. I know that this is a series about international rescue doing their job but with all this future tech like holograms, moonbases, space highways and stuff I’d like to see a bit more of this future society. Maybe a below decks or wonderful life+Hathor ploy style episode please?


So is his body using a different projector or is he wearing a prosthesis? Why is the projector flickering when it’s worked just fine in all his other appearances? How much of 2060s pron is just this? These are questions that need answering creators!!

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