Letters from Pegasus, a Stargate Atlantis text review: The Gift

have you ever had one of those stock nightmares; falling, school nudity, your neighbour turning into a skinless dude with a weird crest bone out of the top of their skull, chasing a giant toy train down a street and getting back finding yourself in a grumpy old man’s 5 year old birthday party, hugging short girls to stop zombies on the golden gate, having space vampires chase you and make you their jesus? no, too bad because that’s what the episode blurb promises. not the skinless neighbour, i hope.

well at least that one made sense unlike the dapper clothes shop and paintball with a purple haired girl ones.


tis the night before the episode and all is qu… look if they can start christmas in june i can satirically one up them. teylaa ermagawd lies asleep in her bed. then a wraith attacks and can’t drain her… but that was just a dream, then she wakes to find Shep as a skeleton, i told you i wanted no skinless dudes around here damn it writers, but that was also just a dream. then the title scenes play, but that was just a dream…

The Episode:

So Teylaa and Shep have a stick fight and Teylaa loses, good for shep. Then Teylaa brings up a valid argument to weir in a discussion about evacuating to some place, which makes everyone think she’s space crazy even though what she said wasn’t that nonsensical or hysteric, Dr Whiney on the other hand… Oh and there’s 200 people in atlantis so I guess the death counter was wrong, sorry. So shep sends the Atlantis mission psychologist, she’s so good she convinced me that she wasn’t in any of the previous episodes, Kate HeinsKetchup to have a talk about her not being so fresh and teylaa gets angry at them over this but eventually sits down to talk about her mother or something. Then she talks to an old woman who tells her that the so far useless wraith spidey sense she has is giving her migraines and sending FTL communications to the incoming fleet or something stupid like that. It turns out that she’s basically a descendant of Cassandra from sg-1, aka evil guys science project human, and can key into wraith telepathy and decided to do so because they might find a chink in their plans except this is stupid because a wraith mind controls her and they have to tase her bro, but hey at least they learnt that the wraith are taking the route they were taking last episode. Also the wraith learn about the place they were evacuating to so they screwed up big time.

B-Plot: Rodney, Zelenka and Carson try to get the drone weapons working, it goes nowhere.

Final Thoughts:

then there was the time i had a dream where i made out with a tiny girl with lips that for some reason reminded me of a goldfish, which is pretty odd as i’m not really into mermaids, too much scuba gear involved if you ask me… cut that bit ford.

sure it’s nice that teylaa gets an episode but did you really have to make it about her supposed wraith sense that has been completely ignored or is totally useless?

either she looks more like a cat or she looks more like phil tufnell

either she looks more like a cat or she looks more like phil tufnell.


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