Letters from Pegasus, a Stargate Atlantis text review: duet

So in this episode we get some pretty big character development for kira be… wait, wrong duet, two people play the piano at the same time? No… aha Rodney gets yelled at.


The ShepSquad and LorneLegion are exploring a recently culled planet, it’s pretty boring so Mkay, Carson Becket and new recruit Lt Laura “snarky” McSnark talk about how Rodney got a date with Snarky’s BFF Katie, presumably in one of his manic phases. Then the Wraith show up because that’s what they do and hoover up mkay and Laura.

The Episode:

Shep hears about this and takes the dart down with his mighty knob LMG almost squashing carson, he’s OK though and zelenka and co arrive on atlantis’ open air golf cart (no seriously) to try and unbeam their imprisoned comrades. Apparently they can only do this once however and shep tells them to try and get Rodney out, which they do. Rodney wakes from his traumatic experience into another traumatic experience, a one where he discovers that he’s no longer the most sarcastic person in his body as for some reason Snarky is there and he can hear what she would say if had control of their mouth as opposed to them having merged into a gestalt personality because… carter from another universe glows. Whatever. So Rodney pretty peeved at this tries to get the dart transporter working again but apparently arguing with the voice in your head is a little crazy so weir orders him to talk to city psychologist dr humdinger, you may remember her from “teylaa becomes phil tuffnel”, which makes things worse !!better!! as snarky learns to control mkay’s body while he’s not looking.
Meanwhile Ronan Dex, you may remember him from superfriends, goes around punching people on the snout to assert his dominance. Shep sees this and invites him to officially replace ford. Also I’m pretty sure weir tries to hit on him.
Snarky decides that as she has nothing better to do why not help out mkay’s love life and after Rodney conks out for the night switches on David Hewlett’s Saunter Mode™ to ask carson to come along and tell him when he’s messing up while also kinda hitting on him much to the excitement of the 2005 slashfic community. The next day Rodney goes out with Katie Whatever and miserably fails to come up with any conversation topics despite them both being scientists, having a scientist friend on hand and her BFF stuck in the back of his brain, not even the fact that he has her BFF stuck in the back of his brain. Said BFF (I’ve used that term to much haven’t i?” decides to one up her earlier flirting by asserting her status as a bisexual woman trapped inside a man’s body and making out with her BFF and wondering off to argue to the voice of Rodney about what they have in their pocketses. Then they have a no-long-term-effects seizure and it turns out they’re deleting each other. hey I wonder how our plans to fix the wraith dart tras… oh Goa’uld, what have you done to those mice!? Snarky realises she kinda has to take the fall and delete herself but in planning out her obituary message she suddenly reminds our brilliant science team that hey, the stargate does this rematerialization shit all the time, just use that. And so the day is saved, with science, and yaoi.

Sora’s Log:

Tall dark and hairy challenged me to a stick ninja duel today, said he’d beaten that harlot teyla and that he could do with a challenge. As one of the earthans put it, I “kind of got my ass handed to me”. And the worst thing? I still don’t know his name!

Final Thoughts:

If you like to nitpick science this one’s not for you, if you want to see someone argue with themselves then this is definitely for you. Not much significant happened but it was pretty fun while it was happening.

Ok this is the last time we runTwitch Plays Dr McLay.

Ok this is the last time we run Twitch Plays Dr McKay.

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