Letters from Pegasus, a Stargate Atlantis text review: Coup D’etat

it seems that the formula for season 2 has been a one good one bad schedual, and last episode was a little… meh. plus we get the genii this week. those guys are cool

The Teaser:

Location: That village where ronan killed a guy, Time: night-ish. shepsquad and a member of atlantis team left on this mudball to teach these guys how to build combine harvesters investigate the smoking remains of the pub in hopes of finding the LorneLegion only to their dismay finding only radioactive charred corpses. rodney is a little sad at the apparent loss of his best buddy (shep’s still kinda mad about that solar system thing) but we don’t have time for that. Doctor Weir you have to see this: that auzzie bloke who worked for MSN is calling and he wants to take over the genii because cowen eats babies. he’ll even give you this sweet ZedPM if you help him.

The Episode:

the team deliberate over what to do about this and decide the best course of action is to have Shagville Emergawd and Scooby Dex continue the lorne investigation while Shep and Rodney immediately betray him to the rest of the genii. going to cowen (who is like “that guy said i eat babies? nah, just this masterstickninja kidney brand soylent green here. nothing to worry about”) they learn that literally fucking everyone knows that atlantis wasn’t ‘sploded and as a token of goodwill (they have a truce remember) offer to swat raid on his (AB’s) base of like 20 dudes that he apparently thought he could take over the galaxy with. they nab 12 of them including AB’s stoned sister with a trick and send all of their guys with the ATA gene (for some reason) to the warehouse set.

Doctor Weir you need to see this!: team sleuth has returned with wanted posters for all ATA gene holding members of the team, including LorneLegion and shep and rodney, and we need to.. DOCTOR WEIR YOU NEED TO SEE THIS: these bloody corpses have cancer. DOCTOR! WEIR! YOU! NEED! TO! SEE! THIS!: cowen and AB are working together and want our gateships and our ATA dudes for gene farming or they’ll kill sheppard and all those guys they just took hostage. DOCTOR FUCKING WEIR! ALL YOUR HOSTAGES HAVE FUCKING CANCER!

which carson fixes. AB hears about this and frees sheppard and co like so much “i can save these cancer patients” “Many have said that. But you are the first I believe could do it!” and they escape. turns out this was a big ploy for AB to take over in a glorious revolution because Cowen does eat babies and also is sitting on a nuke eating ham of little sally. AB’s sister and the day is saved. sadly shep doesn’t have the opportunity to get more cancer.

Sora’s Log:

I can’t believe it, they had a revolution without me! That rat Radim has gone and killed our glorious leader of questionable diet (i never liked the way he looked at my infant niece, just saying) and put himself in charge, and while i agree with where his heart is that guy couldn’t tell the truth if it was on flashcards. well i guess i can’t complain too much, at least he had the courtesy of inviting me home and making me liaison to Atlantis, or as i call it: paying me for something i’m doing anyway.i have also learnt that my old commanding officer has dissipated, presumed eaten, to which i can reply “good riddence”

In other news my recommendation to chain and lock the nyehr-oh toxin release valves has gone down a storm on the city planning board, several of them even held their hands to their foreheads in some kind of ritual of appreciation.

Final Thoughts:

the copius amounts of “Captain you need to see this!” is pretty much the only problem with this episode.

New Genii Nuke, with Lens Flare!

New Genii Nuke, with Lens Flare!


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