Letters from Pegasus, a Stargate Atlantis text review: The Long Goodbye

we continue with our theme of “ripping off star trek” by bringing in a combo of “warring aliens”, and “aliens who possess people”. i wonder if sisko’ll build a clock

The Teaser:

Space, the final frontier: these are the voyages of the USS Puddle Jumper: its crew? two earthans, an athosian and a dreadlockian. it’s mission? Rodney is telling ronan about TV.

welp. in for excitement action today aren’t we? apparently yes as the team runs into two stasis pods just floating around in space. they pilfer one of them and sent Lorne to grab the other, then they open the one they have to discover to their dismay that it’s just another old person and not a con-exclusive beast wars figurine. seriously there needs to be rules about littering old people in pods around the galaxy, it’s just plain rude. oh and then the pod zaps weir with it’s spark/mind on tape storage.

plus cadwell’s back and everyone’s being super awkward around him because he was a goa’uld for a bit. understandable.

The Episode:

so weir is taken over by an alien called… uh… Phoebe, real alieny sounding guys, and talks about how they were pods from an exploration ship that was destroyed by the predacons. their minds won’t stay in these bodies for more than an episode because that’s what aliens want in their mind preservers now and she wants them to shove her husband, called the really alien and by that i mean vaguely Irish name of “Phelan”, from the other pod in sheppard.

the episode is then stopped by shippers complaining about their OTPs and how this is all wrong but i don’t really care and we get back to the action.


well you see these guys hate each other and use their host’s memories to escape and engage in a game of competitive dieharding in which phelan pretends to be shep to ronan and then phoebe shoots him, Lorne is trapped in the garage, Rodney and Cadwell bicker over the chain of command, model shot pans, phoebe pulls a valve (this is important later) and Phelan cuts the power.

When rodney gets the power on, and carson once again saves ronan’s ass, we learn that phoebe has taken control of the city and Torri Higginson hams things up nice and villainy to tell us that she’ll kill everyone with deadly neurotoxin from that valve unless if they execute Phelan/Shep on CCTV. teylaa captures him in a door and can’t do it but kinda could… but it’s ok because rodney’s a genius and is tutuored by imaginary bill gates to wrest control back. Phelan might leave shep mid seizure (but we don’t know) and phoebe comes down to kill him but teylaa slips him a stunner because he’s going to shoot phoebe regardless of which mind he’s in.

later: weir and shep wake up to find they are in control again, cadwell is like “tell me about it” and also he and rodney are pals now.

Sora’s Log:

Ugggh. back when i first joined this security detail i thought i’d be helping defend the city against the wraith, but no: just the same old “one of the command staff goes evil and runs around a bit” code 29 again. and this time they just had to cut the lights as well. i think i need to get myself transferred to an AR team for my sanity’s sake… actually no, i grew up in a bunker. these guys clearly have no idea about architecture with their terrible security and easily accessible deadly fire suppressant. first chance i get i’m taking over the city modifications office before they kill us all.

Final Thoughts:

kinda boring, Torri’s Megalomaniac acting was pretty good as was pan shots.

also we learn that the expedition has begun to modify Atlantis beyond sticking google translate tablets over every console. although i have to wonder why the ancients didn’t have their own fire suppressant system short of taking the city for a quick dive underwater… actually no i don’t they’re stupid.

"do you think it's weird we kissed when we were possessed?" "do you think it's annoying you won't shut up, i'm trying to pokemans here"

“do you think it’s weird we kissed when we were possessed?”
“do you think it’s annoying you won’t shut up? i’m trying to pokemans here!”


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