Letters from Pegasus, a Stargate Atlantis text review: Inferno

just a shout out to anyone living in yellowstone, supervolcano’s going to blow some day and you might as well get some credit for your sheer genitals before that happens.

The Teaser:

so as you may have guessed this one has lava, as to how accurately portrayed it is… eh, no idea.

apparently team altantis are now the pegasus galaxy’s go-to ancient tech mechanics as this planet of like 500 dudes living in thunderbird 2’s hangar have a fault in their shield generator, they are lead by a guy who i remember from somewhere but glaning over his wikipedia article i’m not sure where. oh and one of them has boobs so rodney and sheppard are drooling over her like pepe le pew (really writers? really?). oh and these guys have an aurora class ancient warship called the hippopotamus just lying around missing a couple parts but mostly fine. oh and earthquakes, definitely nothing fucking wrong there.

The Episode:

it turns out the problem was that the ancients, in their usual wisdom, decided to build this base on a supervolcano so they didn’t have to bother with ZPMs, then didn’t bother to leave a note about not running the shield for long or the volcano will be drained of energy and explode, again no idea, which will cause an extinction event, this i do know is right. guess which dumbnesses have been running it for the last 2 years because they heard the wraith were back? oh and guess which dumbnesses’ leader think this is a ploy to steal their aroura even though they have no idea how to use it? you though correct. despite this they evacuate through the gate but then that falls in the lava and they have to send the Daedalus. that can’t take everyone because life support so rodney sets about fixing their ship, which shep renames orion because fuck hippos, not literally… that would not end well. some dumbasses run off to die in ash clouds because they think a river will protect them from a supervolcano, they are not missed. also teylaa and ronan are trapped outside saving someone’s cat up a tree, argue a bit about whether they should run into the toxic gas that killed that dude but teylaa convinces ronan that toxic gas is bad and they are saved by a Deus ex Daedalus. meanwhile rodney fixes the ship and breaks his fingernail (seriously, that’s a scene in this episode) and they short range hyperspace jump out of the lava which is everywhere now. so now we have an ancient warship in all it’s mirror ladder hatch glory.

oh and now a single wraith hive is coming.

Sora’s Log:

apparently the wraith know we’re here. it’s almost as if that “Michael” business was a terrible idea, well at least things can’t be as boring as they were most of this year now.

Final Thoughts:

not terrible… just not that amazing. i’m glad that i’ve read that season 2 was the worst, because it’ll be over soon.

also WTF’s up with hermiod’s voice, it’s the same guy as usual but it seems different.

hang on, in this episode they comandeer a ship called the orion, i guess that makes them… Pirates of Orion!

i’ll show myself out.

Thunderbirds are Go-Through-The-Gate!

Thunderbirds are Go-Through-The-Gate!

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