Letters from Pegasus, a Stargate Atlantis text review: Dr McKay and Mrs Miller

Apparently there was demand from David Hewlett to get Kate Jeanie, his rodney’s sister, on the show. So enjoy this.

The Teaser:

Huh I wonder what rodney’s sister is like. Despite himself he’s turned out a genius and an occasional big damn hero so  one can only wonder what kind of savantry someone with a similar brain chemistry and upbringing would have in their field… like sitting at home with artists block. But wait!

Jeannie Miller Withdraws from society

Oh, that seems interesting.

Jeannie Miller sketches images of “Maths”
Jeannie Miller works furiously
Jeannie Miller has completed an artefact “technobabble”, the magic sciences. A paper thesis. All craftshumanship is of the highest quality. It is encrusted with with biro glyphs and menaces with spikes of highlighter pen. On the thesis is engraved a picture of Jeannie Miller bothering an astronaut, the artwork refers to the courtship by Jeannie Miller of her spouse in the autumn of 1965.

Yep, definitely interesting. So interesting in fact that mr miller recommends that she send it to dr bellows at the nearby university. Sam Carter uses her incredible (literally) powers of science to know about this and invite her round Cheyenne Mountain for some tea and high energy physics. And she calls in Rodney for help much to his surprise as carter could figure out his sister was having a sciencegasm from half a continent away.

The Episode:

More surprisingly she calls Rodney in for his social skills. Y’see unlike Rodney Jeannie has diverted all of her grumpiness not to those around her but instead towards “the man”. That man being carter… wait what? They can’t just work off what they gave them so far because she built in in a cave with a box of scraps. Rodney however hasn’t seen Jeannie for four years since she did some bottle trading with a hippy English teacher and dropped out of theoretical physics for family life. He’s not going to be much help in persuading her but seeing as they sent him all the way from atlantis and it’s 18 days getting back he tries anyway.

Apparently showing up with flowers after a 4 year argument, forgetting her husband’s name and referring to her daughter as a “little thing” isn’t a good move if you want to negotiotiyoshithedinosuar proprietary rights out of the hands of a mkay with a chip on her shoulder into the hands of the government. Apparently 20% of the human genome is owned by robber barons, also humans only use 10% of their brains and you can kill a guy by spitting off the empire state building. However beaming her to the deadalus’ “show stupid mortals their puny home planet” room and they convince her to come along and invent the next generation of Mkay brand ZedPM in another universe where none of that “blowing up a solar system” shit can happen.

As the deadalus leaves we get a scene of Jeannie’s husband staring up at the night sky, before deciding he can’t see her from here and might as well dream of her instead.

Carter’s Guest appearance budget runs out but the titular characters are fine science montaging with just hermiod to pleH them. Meanwhile radek builds them a new set for silencing. When they finally get to atlantis Rodney fends off Colonel John Tiberius while Jeannie reveals to everyone that his first name is Meredith not Septimus as he’s no doubt claimed. Also they invent their parallel verse ZedPM and it works perfectly so episode over I guess, no wait: we have a scene where ronan mocks Meredith over his traumatic school bullying experiences, it’s always nice to see some sibling rivalry, I intend to tell all my brother’s potential spouses about how he’s named after the bus from Thomas the Tank Engine… is telling the internet that a bit of a dick move? Eh, probably.

Fina…. Wait a mo, in a flash Ace Rodder appears in the Mkay ZedPM’s science chamber and demands radek’s Clothes, boots and puddle jumper. Yep that’s right this episode just became “Dr McKay, Dr Mckay and Dr Miller” as the “Rod” from the universe where they call him “Rod” and where he and shep have their personalities back to front has come to stop them dumping their exotic particle rubbish into their universe, suck it carter, you never blew up an entire other reality. They turn the Mkay ZedPM off and shut it down as finding an uninhabited alternate reality in a tv show is like finding genuine cow products in a big mac from an American McDonalds… or a good Cam Mitchell episode (#OhSnap).

So Ace has Saved the Day and the episode is over.

Final th… he’s still here? Shit. Good thing carter’s on hand, she’s done this before… that is meet herself with a different ‘do from another ‘verse and have to get them home before the greenscreen budget runs o… I mean their face melts off because “quantum”. In fact just the other day she sent 50 of her packing… wait no, that’s never mentioned.

Rodney spends a while being a better Rodney than Rodney and Rodney considers that he’s kinda been a dick to his sister hogging all the credit and science buttons, shep and Rodney talk Rodney about this and he resolves to let Jeannie press the button. Oh and now rodney’s universe is going to explode because the bridge doesn’t turn off so easily, fortunately Jeannie devises a plan to zap it with the regular ZedPM and not a moment too soon as the rodneyverse decides it’s universe eat universe and plans to fly tip our exotic particles back on us. Rodney also works out a way to surf back to his own universe while they close the bridge and though he won’t be back for breakfast nor Christmas they still have a Rodney around so smote him a carter will’ya guys? Stopping off to reveal to Rodney that he spends all his time worrying about other people liking him and he envies him he disappears in a multiversal transporter beam amid cries of “what a guy!”

Unfortunately in order to keep it open long enough Rodney has to deplete the ZedPM because he can’t just kill himself so now ourlantis is boned. Shep finally show’s Rodney’s sister that message that he recorded for her back during letters from episode (canadian post must be handled by royal mail too!)  and we end on Rodney inviting Jeannie, who’s leaving on the deadalus, for yearly guest spots and giving her weir desk tat. Then everyone lies to him about how annoying Rodney wasn’t and everybody laughs I guess.

Fortress Maxiumus’ log:

Rodimus Mkay? Optimus Mkay? Something Strange has happened, Now there are two Optimus Primes

Galvatron’s log:


:goL s’doimreH

.dos ydeerg .margoloh a sa devreserp yug eno eht eb ot gninnalp s’eh si esrow s’tahw .stenalp ruo pu gniwolb ot edutitta ykcul-og-yppah sih dna roht gnikcuf ?ecnaraeppa tsal ym

Final Thoughts:

A pretty good comedy/character episode; good guest stars especially David Hewlett as rod, it’s almost like he’s been on this show before. Acting? Top notch. Comedy? Slightly overplayed with the “sitting at the table laughing at Rodney” scenes but enjoyable. Inconsistencies? S’pose so there’s some but I can get behind ignoring quantum melty faces. Plus rodney’s becoming more human every day so that’s always good.

Oh and I can start calling Rodney both rod and Meredith in these summaries adding to the pun potential.
There’s a bit here I really like where carter asks if she’s another him and he replies that she’s more like another her which on the surface seems like a put-down but as we’ve seen in grace under pressure he’s realised that carter is smarter than him at least because of his arrogance. Similarly Jeannie isn’t shackled by the same amount of stubborn arrogance he is, though it’s clearly still there. Jeannie dropping out of mad science meant that he’d never have a chance to prove himself superior and is probably why they fell out, it’d be like if carter died because of shep, he’d never talk to him again. But that’s just my take on things.

Also multiversal bridge theory: thought up wile staring at a 4 year old playing with a  toy train. No alien possession, ascended intervention, reverse engineering or years of study. Just trains.

Trains are cool.

I want to go to the steamgate atlantis reality now.

(matt's own drawing) DIAL home device FTW

(matt’s own drawing) DIAL home device FTW

a BlimpCruiser 304, or maybe it's a dirigible.

a BlimpCruiser 304, or maybe it’s a dirigible.

Aeronautical wonders of the lost world

Aeronautical wonders of the lost world

A Rodder Baron.

A Renegade Soldier and a Rodder Baron.


here’s an idea for a stargate steampunk RPG campaign i found while dredging for memes, it apparently never got off the ground but if you’re into that kind of thing (and i am but i have no friends) this may give you a few ideas.


and it has a video as well


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