Letters from Pegasus, a Stargate Atlantis text review: Echoes

this time on star trek IV, the voyage home…

The Teaser:

so zelenka leads shepsquad on a fishing trip but they almost get lost on the way back teylaa tries to teach ronan meditation and sees a ghost woman who yells some gibberish and runs through her.

The Episode:

Do we give Teylaa medication? hell no, this kind of fake schizophrenia happens all the time. it even happens again right after and she sees a burned guy.atlantis’ psychologist dr heimdall or whatever blames it on her feeling guilt over all those idiot ancients who died and blames weir’s subsequent sighting on paranoia, why are you even here?

meanwhile sam the whale shows up and rodney takes up marine biology to study him. as more people see the various images of ancients rodney and sheppard decide the best course of action is to take a jumper down to look at the whales who are massing around atlantis.

they end up with burst eardrums and nosebleeds, whale dicks. cadwell takes this as an act of war and naturally suggests whale genocide. so while shep uses rodney’s “just been in a whale nightclub” syndrome to insult him to his face rodney decides to ask siri to find him whale laboratories near his location. meanwhile everyone sees more various images of ancients and start getting headaches and aneurysms, which they blame on the whales. cadwell makes sure to remind them of the genocide option.

rodney finds the whale lab just as his normal speaking powers regrow and discovers the whales are sentient and trying to tell them about the incoming scheduled Coronal Mass Ejection that will kill them all by projecting hallucinations based on a genetic memory of seeing the ancients almost screw it up. were it not for the fact that they recently picked up 3 ZedPMs from the asurans then lantea’s ecosystem would be screwed along with it’s oxygen producing plants but it sure is good they have the power to expand their shields over the entire hemi… they gave earth and the odyssey 2 of their ZedPMs? well shit. at least they can protect the city while the planet gets torched then after a day or so with the shield up waiting for someone to send the ZedPMs through the gate bridge use the stardrive to move to the other terrestrial planet in the system… you blew up the stardrive? well double shit, diarrhoea if you will.

so with nothing left to do they send the Daedalus (and i’m sure shep comes along to eat up some of that glorius radiation) on a suicide mission to headbutt the CME before it gets big… which probably makes no science sense but neither does whales projecting hallucinations based or how genetic memory in stargate works so lets just roll with it. the day is saved and the whales get away scott free even though they killed a guy with brain haemorrhaging.  and that was the story about how whale song saved the planet, again.

Sora’s Log:

WhY mY hEaD hUrT?

Final Thoughts:

rather good actually, not boring and the mystery elements are pretty good. while Dr mikemeyers or whatever she’s called ends up being yet again useless, but seeing a recurring background character is always a nice continuity nod. speaking of recurring characters, next episode is irresponsible.


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