Letters from Pegasus, a Stargate Atlantis text review: Tao of Rodney

In the next 44 minutes a main character will die! that get your interest?

The Teaser:

remember those ancients who showed up a few weeks ago and instantly proved why nothing they’ve left behind works? well they’ve turned on a new thing they left behind, does it work? it zaps a Transmetal 2 energy snake into rodney and BlueScreens.

The Episode:

despite this rodney is given a clean bill of health and not even quarantined. y’know with medical procedure like this you’re going to end up dead one day carson. guess what? he’s not fine, he’s better than he was before: better, stronger, faster. able hear people being dicks to him from tables away, read minds and save his good buddy lorne with a mere thought. how? well stargate buys into the myth that we only use 10% of our brains, which is bullshit we use all of our brains but not all at once because that’s a seizure. rodney has been hit by an ascend-o-ray that will make his brain use even more of it and give him wizard powers. rodney decides to use his superior intellect to make carson float and sets about making everything better in the most annoying way, by technobabbling like a maniac then sitting in the chair and changing the lights to improve power distribution. also zelenka gets zapped while trying to reboot the device in safe mode and he heals him with cure major wound.

hey, did anyone order some flowers for algernon? rodney is going to die in a few days unless he ascends. and he can’t ascend unless he learns to meditate himself so calm that it’s like a coma. and instead of bringing in teylaa who can teach that to ronan they just send ascension expert shep in. so he’s pretty much screwed. ah well, might as well leave the world with all his new scientific knowledge like new math or more shields for the already tanky Daedalus but he’s visited by the ghost of imaginary carter and the spirits of rodney past, present and future who tell him to change his ways  and embrace the true spirit of being a dead man walking… or just weir who tells him to work out his loose ends with people and see if that helps, he writes her a biography, doesn’t insult radek, helps teylaa celebrate her father’s 10th deathday and heals ronans back scars. he even starts to listen to shep’s hokey meditation crap. none of this works though as on his deathbed while his calmness maxes out he dies.

Sora’s Log:

A Eulogy for Dr Meredith Rodney McKay.

We have lost a great man today, sure he may not have been the most humble of us, or the calmest, but he was the only person who remembered to feed me during my months in the brig so for that he holds a special place in my heart.

seriously guys, nobody else even thought to drop by, even when i had the sniffles. how… inconsiderate.

The Finale:

and now that rodney’s dead the series is real and edgy, what’s this? People like him, kill off someone else? fine!

rodney last second telepaths to carson an idea about using the thing from the start to save him, Zelenka joins in because rodney saved his life earlier and the rodney is saved sans superpowers.

Final Thoughts:

okay, like a repeat of the rodney almost dies subplot of hide and seek but rodney actually dies for a bit, and it’s about him learning not to be a dick. sadly i don’t see this sticking. also the ascend/brain shit is stupid.

oh and you thought this was enough to satiate the bloodthirsty writers? nope. this is only the start…


Wait! doesn’t “Tao” mean experiencing life? surely this is an “AntiTao” of rodney, experiencing Death if you will.


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