Spelljammer Cosmos Generator 1.1

day 1 update to my procedural map generator based around the spelljammer D&D setting in which solar systems are contained within vast crystal spheres and wizards travel between them on medieval fantasy spaceships.

CONTENT WARNING: hilarious, random usage of naughty words possible and likely.

Acessable Here (embed isn’t working for me)


-on the control screen things are pretty self explanitory. if you use the same seed with the same x y and systems values then it will generate the same systems. you don’t have to use a seed if you don’t want to visit a map more than once.

-WASD/arrow keys moves the camera, the cursor follows the mouse. hover over things to discover their procedurally generated name, type and flavor text. if you have trouble hovering over something try scrolling in with your mouse wheel (sorry laptop peeps).

if i get round to it i might do a few more revisions of this, maybe even exporting stuff.

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