RCG 1.2: gameplay edition

An Expansion of my Random Cosmos Generator with Gameplay Aspects created for my ICT BTEC work:

RCG1.2 is a simplistic (and still in development) space trading/exploration game that doubles as a map tool

-Travel the Spelljammer inspired cosmos as a trading vessel, or disable gameplay features to explore the galaxy in spectator mode.

-Choose from 4 unique ships

-trade in 7 unique types of rare artefacts

-mouse over planets, stars and other bodies to learn their name and a brief, randomly generated description of them.

-Read the Instructions, i intend to add in an ingame tutorial but for now the instructions are your only guide.

Download here for Windows.

Updates occasionally.

D&D/Spelljammer is the property of Wizards of the Coast, this is not an official product but merely a homage, check out the official release at least in the form of the free 3.5e and 5e SRDs and check out the Spelljammer Fan-site. Similarly the term “Star Step” is a homage to the procedure of the same name and similar function featured on the Starwalker Blog which is a really awesome sci-fi novella series written from the point of view of the ship Starwalker, or rather its AI of the same name, you should totally check it out and stay away from spoilers.

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