Assignment 1 Log – Intro to 3D Animation [Part 2]

Last Time on Assignment 1 Log: i detailed the majority of the modelling process and ran into an issue with file saving. And now the conclusion.

After going over to the university’s labs i was relieved to find that saving worked. the lighting i had set up in Arnold didn’t work so well in MentalRay:

Shadows? we don't need no stinking shadows!

Shadows? we don’t want no stinking shadows!

but with some re-jigging and changing the camera angle/Fstop i managed to get this to look like this:

Next Gen(TM) Graphics.

Next Gen(TM) Graphics.

and after setting everything up i produced the two images requested, after which i added in a gradient background in GIMP to make them look like the target images.

Front View

Front View


3/4 View

3/4 View




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