Assignment 2 Log – Intro to 3D Animation [Part 3]

Final Level:

After taking a break i ended up messing with the lighting of the scene as well as generating a few new textures and materials for it here is what i have now.



I rather liked the effect of Glow on the light texture. As you can see i’ve applied a beige concrete texture to the scene and not so much applied but ignored a texture to the launch clamps, will fix later. i’ve also put a translucent material on the fuel tube. i am kind of unhappy with how edges don’t seem to show properly on the walls.

Fixed Textures

Fixed Textures

I’ve fixed the mapping on the clamps and added. more lights to get a more clear image. if i need to i can desaturate it in post to enhance the shadows.

Here are my textures so far

clamp512incendental concrete512incidental decals metal512incendental

As you can see the Rocket and Clamp textures share a base, although the clamp is filtered to be darker. the Decals are in some radom font i found in the gimp font window, possibly from the uni computers. concrete is just beige + HSV noise + Despeckle filters.


For somre reason the breif asked for deformers so i set up a retract animate blendshape for the launch clamp. I figure this counts as a deformer.

After some more Mucking around with lighting and stuff… here is a render of what’s approaching the final thing.


I kinda want to add a few more set dressings. i was thinking fire extinguisher but that seems unessicarily complex so i think i’ll go First Aid Kit instead. Annnnd Done.

Yep... Done.

NOTE: For some reason, probably because i’m using Maya 2017 on my home computer, the lighting is different between my and the uni’s computers. I adjusted the lighting for renders on my home computer, as such the lighting is borked on the uni’s computers. i don’t know how to fix this.


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