3D Charcter Animation 2: Animation clips

Here are some clips I’ve gathered

Clip 1: No, I am your father.

Also known as “Luke, I am your father” thanks to years of misquoting, or “Obi-Wan killed your father” on set to prevent leaks.


  • Scene features pretty expressive body language and (at least from Mark Hamill) face acting.
  • Most shots focus on only one character and very simple terrain, it’s a very efficient scene.
  • Even then elements like the swaying platform, flapping tubes, hair and cape manage to make it look active rather than just a sound stage.



Clip 2: Do the Mario

They’re the mario brothers and plumbing’s their game.



  • Slightly obscured by text.
  • Teleporting around, though accurate, probably wouldn’t be considered good animation technique.
  • No high quality reference material exists.


  • This is entirely and completely stupid, so as you can guess I absolutely love it.
  • The late great “Captain” Lou Albano was a wrestler, he certainly doesn’t look it here.

Clip 3: Hush

Here is my token effort towards including a silent/dialogue-less clip.


  • Voices taken away by floating butler demons, ergo directing had to rely on expressions and music to tell the tone. perfect.
  • Wealth of suitable clips within the episode, so i can be picky. this video is a compilation of the most appropriate scenes.
  • Joss Whedon is very good at characterization so actions are very characterized.


  • Aside from Doug Jones opening the door it’s hard to find any scene i could easily cut down to 10 seconds, and the door opening scene is only 8 seconds which isn’t long enough.
  • Gliding around, though accurate, probably wouldn’t be considered good animation technique.
  • Reference material is in bordered 480p.


  • I have not watched a single episode of buffy the vampire slayer before this, now i have to watch them all.
  • Apparently Joss Whedon made this episode because people kept on praising his dialog, which to be fair is exactly what i would do in that situation.

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