3D Charcter Animation 3: belated progress report

Yeah, i totally suck at this regular progress report shtuff.

Current progress on Miss Sweep

At the moment i have my character model made (mostly). It’s based off a couple of sketches i made. As you can see from the arm phasing through her clothes i’m currently skinning. i also have to At the moment i’m playing around with the skin weights, which is kinda dumb because i’ve lost the inside mouth geometry and probably need to add that back in first. I’m thinking of going for a more exagerated animation style, fast movments, lots of squetch. Also gonna be animating the face in multiple ways: Morph shapes for expression, moving textures for the eyes and layered over animated textures for the eyelids, that’s gonna take some time to draw. also kinda want to draw seperate eyes with big and small pupils for different light levels.

Been having some issues with IK handles and my reverse foot thing messing up the skin binding so i think i’m gonna disable them for now in exchange for something that works, after all i have all easter to animate it but apparently i need the model/rig done by either this or next friday (?) so that’s where i’m cutting corners.



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