3D Charcter Animation 4: Last minute tweaks

Since last report i’ve:

  • Modelled some (admittedy faulty but servicable) mouth geometry.
  • Removed the torso for polys so i could add teeth. Split skin geometry into Hand, Legs and Head sections so weights could be mirrored.
  • added teeth.
  • Essentially completed Sweep’s character model.
  • Animated the first 316 frames (10 seconds) of the “Do the Mario” credits song, i chose this because it features the most body movements and the least trying to get the mouth geometry to cooperate.

This is more broken than it looks

Unfortunately one big problem has arised: The arms won’t skin properly. It seems when desinging Sweep the place where i put the V-Neck sweater arm stuff was a place where it wasn’t easy for them to bend. To move this i’d have to move the sleeve ends up the arm which means i’d have to grab more upper arm geometry back in so there’s something under the transclearant shirt sleeves. This would all take a lot of time, that i don’t have. Easier option is to make the shirt completely opaque and get rid of the V-Neck during the animation, which might work. the shirt still isn’t skinned perfectly but it’s salvagable in the time i have available.

The animation progress is working quite well so far. Legs for the most part stay in place though there is some shuffling that i tried to replicate. A lot of this animation is in the arms and core muscles. I wasn’t actually working straight from the clip but rather my timing notes based on the clip so it’s more of my interpretation of what’s going on rather than a frame by frame recreation. I’ve also improvised eye movement/blinking because the vid i had was very low resolution. This bit was pretty interesting as i figured out what the eyes would be doing in each given action either trailing ahead of a head/body movement or tracking arms as they come close to the head.

Finally i’ve made a background based on the original clip by way of Yoshi’s Island which i’m going to place behind it during editing. I’m probably gonna edit this in Power Director 9 and then convert it to whatever format i need online.

Oh… gotta render it at some point. I guess i can nip into horton and comandeer several rows of one of the labs. After that is all of the acoutriments. Not sure what those exactly are as the module handbook isn’t all that helpful but i think i can figure it out off the facebook group.

I’m pretty great at being stylistically terrible at art.


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