3D Charcter Animation 6: Self Evaluation

So here it is. Given the sheer amount of keyframes that went into that 316 frame clip i kinda misjudged how long 10 seconds actually was. Probably why i misunderestimated how quick i had the eyes darting around.

Looks kinda stilted and floaty, like Mid-90s mainframe animation, which i guess makes sense: they were pioneering the methods of animation and i’m pioneering my own knowledge on how to animate. On the plus side i’m glad i managed to avoid the rigid body syndrome that a lot of early animations (and one shot in clone wars from 2009) seem to have. It also syncs up with the music of the original somewhat well so +1 to accuracy. And i managed to fix most of the skin clipping through the sleeve to the point i can’t notice any in the video. Lack of green sweater kinda ruins the character’s colour diversity but it really couldn’t be helped. Next time i’m gonna have to think about where clothes are placed so i don’t end up unable to skin it properly again.

Kinda ends abruptly too because i ran out of time and didn’t want to spend another hour going over the nessiccary 10 seconds with my rapidly deteriorating character rig.

That said i can’t help but feel almost proud at how i’ve managed to create something halfway decent even if it is the same rushed amature quality as everything i put my hands to and looking back in a month’s time i’ll probably shake my head and sigh. But yes pride. the stuff that comes before a fall and makes you do things stupidly and for stupid reasons.

With all that in mind i rate this animation a 3/5

I toyed between 2 and 3 but i’ve decided on 3 because it’s good for what it is: my first foray into human animation. And no i’m not giving it a 2.5 because using decimals defeats the point of giving each rating a discreet meaning.


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