Lost Sector Concept Art: “Sal”

I’ve had this idea for a game floating around in my mind called Lost Sector, gameplay-wise a little bit of a homage to the original Ratchet & Clank but with more emphasis on the gadget side of thing. i thought i’d begin pre-production on it by fleshing out my character designs.

This supporting character “Sal”, a young alien of a species loosely based on the idea of a “humanoid velociraptor”. She will probably be serving as tech-support on the hub spaceship for the protagonist’s cyborg arm and probably as the main mission control/supervisor voice to tell you things/give you hints if you’re stuck. of course both her appearance and role are subject to change and may be somewhat different when i finish making the game which will be at least a year, most likely several from now.

this image was made in GIMP 2.0 and the fonts used are variants of ethnocentric from typodermicfonts.com/, used under paid desktop license.