Monogame Demo: Bobcube

Good news everyone, I’ve made yet another demo in Monogame. This time I’ve been working on adding a polygon renderer to my Monogame “Engine”, so here’s some Cubes in various rotations. I’m still a ways off being able to make a proper 3D game, specifically I absolutely need Collision, but progress is progress so here’s to that!

As usual built for OpenGL and .Net4.6 on a Windows 10, 64bit machine so if it doesn’t work on your pc then that’s probably why.

Download Here

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Monogame Demo: Monoparticles

A little physics sim i made in Monogame, probably horribly wrong but hey it’s the first real progress i’ve made in the field. May only work on 64 bit windows 10, i dunno, i haven’t tested it on anything else.

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