The Restless Halloween 2015: transformers

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i know it’s a little late but here’s the restless 2015 Halloween special whatever. as you may have noticed halfway through drawing this i noticed how many plot points that beast wars and RID 2015 share and concocted some appropriate dialog. then again beast wars is 20 years old and in my opinion still stands out today as one of the best kids tv shows out there so at least they’re copying from the best they have excluding rescue bots, which is still being made and they probably don’t want to arouse suspicions.

thanks to… for tips on cybertronian colourful language.


The Restless Halloween 2014

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this was a poster i did for the restless on Halloween 2014.

i love stargate sg-1, as you may have noticed from that rant in one of the scroll 2 descriptions, in fact i’d say it’s my favourite space based sci-fi show, and that’s solid praise: i don’t have favourites of anything.

that said if they made a really really really good transformers then that would probably surpass it, beast wars and rescue bots are shows that i hold in high regard as shows i want to preserve for my likely non-existent future kids/clones/robots/genetically engineered werewolves but we really haven’t had any space related transformers shows since cybertron.

by the way hasbro if you’re listening i have a pitch for a transformer sub-franchise aiming at treating it’s audience as smart kids and smart adults (and by that i mean dealing with themes such as death, obsessive revenge, cyborg fears, relationships and political intrigue in mature ways) and generally try to emulate shows like the first 4 seasons of tmnt2k3 in an atmosphere of both seriousness and humour.

i’m sure i’ll write a post on it at some point, but until then you can check my devientart to see some concept art for it, it’s called TF polaris.

Mia Jorge (remake of early pirate girl drawing on my devientart)

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an updated version of a pirate girl i once drew, the first post on my devientart account. because i decided i wanted to use elements of the design in a upcoming (very upcoming, maybe 8 scrolls off) restless character and that meant updating her to the art style and taking a few years of puberty out. and hey now i know how to draw curly hair, although i might go over to something more messy/uncouth here’s the original.