scroll 1 End: the end of scroll 1 funnily enough


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yeah my writing is terrible, which is why i later switch to typed outros.

Kerdanii and Fatch is probably a reference to prominent KSP youtubers danny2462 and Bob Fitch at least i think it is, maybe it was a coincidence.


Panel 10: the first reveal

panel 10

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i have a feeling we aren’t in the medway metropolitan area anymore toto.


and finally i can start referring to them both by name.

Panel 9 :how typical of teenagers who play their nomenclature games

panel 9

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this is not the original title. the original title was “the first nickname”

but this one is just better.

and no she’s not saying that she’s stupid, it takes a suffiently wise girl to admit that they do not know everything.

and if you’re wondering where the title’s from…

Panel 7: my name is… my name is… oh wait

panel 7

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so yeah the idea behind this is that when they try to say their names or refer to them indirectly that the universe just says nope.

i think the effect i was going for was tempoary larynx paralasis.

has anyone else noticed that little black bar at the bottom, it’s really bugging me. was that just a think that was always on my old scanner?

an effect of the resize to 1024 by whatever?

no idea.

Panel 6: and now it looks like a chinse dragon dog

panel 6

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would it surprise you to learn that now they’re speaking not thinking as indicated by a minor opacity rise

ding dong: yet another reason that this set of comics need redoing.

side note: the girl’s… i really have no idea what it’s called but the light blue dress/tshirt thing.

that was originally gonna be light green. but fortunately it isn’t as these early comics have way too much green.