Scroll 3 end

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so that was scroll 3, kinda short but..




Panel 7: he’s only saying that because of a future plot point.

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oh yeah, square boxes became narration, not thought.

also i guess this is kinda world building

Panel 4: newfangled speech bloons

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Great googly moogly! the free select tool.

i guess originally i intended red speech bubbles to be exclamation bubbles or something, but i can’t remember using them recently.

and i know the horse isn’t that good, but remember the bear.

side not: if a panel links you somewhere weird when you click on it then comment about it and i’ll try to fix it, they’re supposed to link to the image url but since i switched to inserting them via URL to save on memory i have to do that manually.

Panel 3: hello Erflings, eat phonetic spelling!

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i am aware that technically it is the orion arm, but ted isn’t. if anyone says something wrong i hereby declare the 1st copout-mandment:

it’s in universe so technically they made the mistake.

in the original post i reveal that the comic is currently set on the 5th of September 2013, that’s kinda important and really it should be refereed to in comic at some point. and i’ve checked, at no point have i contradicted this ergo there are not continuity errors, move along.