Matt continues to watch Beast Wars at ungodly hours.

Oh thank god! it’s twenty past one April 2nd BST, which means there’s no timezone where it isn’t past midday april first and i can stop hiding under my duvet and start watching more Beast Wars! (seriously if Donald Trump is a thing there’s literally nothing you could have said yesterday that the cynic in me wouldn’t agree with)

Last Time on Beast Wars!

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Kiss!

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Matt watches Beast Wars at half four in the morning.

Transformers Beast Wars! I love this show. Sure the primitive CG is so dated that the first two seasons are literally older than me but the writing’s pretty good as far as i’m concerned. Unlike a lot of kids shows you see these days it doesn’t feel the need to turn it’s protagonists into idiots so kids can learn shit or in order to move the plot along, it’s witty, epic and even has some pretty great character moments dotted throughout. If i had to pick a favorite Transformers series then Beast Wars would definately be in the running.

The age old battle between Donkey Kong and Barney

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