Scroll 5 End

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and thus ends the starting “miniseries” (as i have learnt it is called) of the restless.

gonna be honest i’m not too proud of it and it definitely has it’s problems, one of the reasons i’m remaking the first 3 scrolls as a side project, but i intend to improve upon my mistakes and failing so that by the time The Restless eventually reaches it’s final scroll thinks will be perhaps 3/4 of the way decent.

for the next few weeks i’ll be focusing on finishing the scroll 1 remake before starting scroll 6. scroll 6 will be told from clueless’ perspective, which i will be indicating using a different art and writing style, but for the most part future scrolls will be drawn in the current style or some evolution of it. scrolls from 6 onwards will tend to have a “story an episode” format but still contribute towards an ongoing story like how i prefer my tv shows.
i will update about to sides of a4 worth each week and each scroll will be about 12 sheets of content long.

i will also invest in a space progr… i’m not prime minister? well that sucks.

Page 11: Conclusion (double page)

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so scroll 5 concludes not with a whimper, but with a double page. i’ll give an explanation for where i’m going now in the scroll end panel.
if you’re wondering the wizard robe designs are based off of the karate suit i use, i figure it looks close enough to robes for a wizard but practical enough to not look silly/require me to draw fluidly moving fabrics.
for the record i know the meaning of sabbatical, i just heard it in ringworld (which if you don’t know is about some guy going to a giant space hula hoop and constantly bonking his travel companion) and it sounded like a cool term for something like this plus it’s not like our words make sense anymore: September, decimate, “selfie”i really hate the word “selfie”, did i mention that?

also apparently whine is an onomatopoeia of itself, our language is even more weird…